Sleep Soundly on an Innovative and Affordable Mattress by Purple

Getting a sound sleep doesn’t mean you need to break your budget. Purple is a relatively new mattress brand, and they offer an innovative mattress for an attractive price. Starting at $699, this handcrafted mattress will let you sleep through the night, while keeping more money in your wallet.

New Technology

In a market saturated with spring coils and memory foam, Purple decided to do something different. Their mattress is unlike anything else on the market. The design starts with a memory foam base that is covered with a layer of hyper-elastic polymer. The result is firm, yet soft, and the mattress quickly contours to your body.

The Purple mattress is easy to maintain. The surface can be spot cleaned, and it has a removable outer layer. It’s recommended for users to rotate the mattress every couple of months. Since the polymer layer is only on top, the mattress cannot be flipped. It comes with a 100 night trial and a 10 year warranty.

What to Expect

Every sleeper wants something different out of their mattress, and Purple has created a solid product that seems to cater to most consumers. The medium firmness of the mattress is suitable for all types of sleepers, including those who prefer to sleep on their back or side.

The polymer layer gives the bed a pleasant bounce, while not being too soft. Even with this unique bounce, however, the mattress still eliminates motion transfer. It stays cool during the evening, perfect for those who complain of sleeping hot on traditional memory foam.

Locally Made

Every mattress sold by Purple is completely handcrafted in the U.S.A., and they are based out of Utah. It’s simple to order a mattress online, and there is no shipping fee. If you want to get rid of your old mattress, they will take it away for you during delivery.

If you’re on the market for a twin XL, queen, king or California king mattress, Purple may be a company to consider. With low prices and a top notch product, their mattress is quickly becoming a popular option. You can click here to read more specifics about this innovative mattress and growing company.

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