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Factors to Consider when Hiring a Book Publicist

A book publicist will help you promote your book in the most effective way possible. A book publicist will also be helpful in the event you want to supplement the marketing efforts you have already put in place. By having a book publicist, you will save a lot of time which you can use to write new books. A book publicist will help you make use of the best and up to date marketing tools. Below are some factors you should consider when you want to hire a book publicist.

First and foremost, take a look at the type of experience that the publicist has. It is very important that you hire a book publicist that has had experience in marketing to the particular demographic that your book is targeting. Also so look at the experience of the publicist in terms of the number of years he or she has been a publicist. A publicist who has been in the business for longer is usually the best option to go for. Also when looking at the experience, consider the kind of track record that the publicist has had in his or her previous publicity efforts.

Also consider what contacts in the media that the publicist has, that will most likely have an interest in your book. If the book publicists relationship with media outlets that are best for your book is good, you should consider hiring him or her. It is a good idea, to have in mind the kind of media that you would like to see promoting your book. The book publicist should preferably have contacts in those places.

Find out from the publicist what type of marketing strategy he or she has in mind for promoting your book in the event you hire him or her. Prior to asking this, make sure you have in mind what promotional work you expect the publicist to use. The kind of promotional work the prospective book publicist gives you should not be the kind of promotional work that you can be able to do on your own.

Lastly, you should consider the kind of fees and payment structure that the book publicist wants. The fees that a book publicist charges is not the same with all other book publicists. The major influencing factor in the amount of money the publicist will charge you is the services that he or she will offer you. This is the reason that the book publicist should be aware of the specific services you expect from him or her.

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