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The World Created By Social Networks

The world we live in is being dominated by what we all know and participate in – social media. The mother of all social networking sites is Friendster, the first one to connect people through the messaging feature and allowed you to keep your friends on the loop by posting photos and text on your wall. Due to the lack of innovation, it has now become obsolete. Then MySpace – the medieval version of Spotify – entered the picture with its enticing integration of a music player where aspiring artists could post their music and users could create profiles to listen to countless songs.

But the biggest game-changer of all was Facebook. Watching the story of how it grew to fame on ‘The Social Network’, we learned that it was actually meant to be some sort of a yearbook for Harvard students, which then spread to other university communities and now thankfully grew to include the whole world. Facebook has the major edge with features that no other social network prior to it had – instant status posting, groups you could join according to your interests, workplace, campus, which you could even create on your own.

Today, there are countless social networks on the rise, some of them becoming more preferred by certain audiences as opposed to Facebook, like Twitter and Instagram which you probably already are using.

Lives have been more intertwined and people have become more connected than ever thanks to social networks, but in addition to that, it has also become a very useful business tool for companies big and small. You have probably come across a social networking agency online. A social networking agency is one that bridges the gap between companies and consumers through the use of marketing on social media. Through a specified plan towards a niche of audience, a social networking agency can bring to your company new customers by generating engagements with your brand.

What makes their ways successful is being in tune with what the audience has to say, maintaining relevance and relatability. The best social networking agency is one that will send out to the world a clear message of what your brand’s voice and identity is and generating engagements through content that is not at all shallow, but will keep customers coming back.

As you may have now realized, the impact of social networks is deeper than it appears, influencing opinions, and shaping decision. Social networks have become vital to our lives. And whether it is to our pleasure or to our distaste, social networks aren’t going to vanish real soon. But we can choose to observe how they will innovate in the next decade, and how we might even use those innovations for our convenience.

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