Scottish Widow

António Horta is one of the most famous bankers of all the times and also is the CEO of the world’s one of the largest groups known by the Lloyds Banking Group that is the base of all famous financial and banking institutes of the whole United Kingdom. There are a lot of brands that are the part of the Lloyds Banking Group and Scottish Widow is one of them. This brand holds the specific importance in the financial field of the whole United Kingdom. The whole Lloyds Banking Group led by CEO António Horta is the great supporter of the modern Banking system and this is clear as the Lloyds Banking Group is the pioneer of the Online banking system in the whole United Kingdom. Scottish Widow is one of the very important subsidiaries of the Lloyds Banking Group.

History of Scottish Widow

Scottish Widow holds a very interesting history. This brand was established 200 years before in the year 1815. In 1812 this idea was established over the meeting of some of the eminent Scotsmen and in the Royal Exchange coffee rooms in the Edinburgh when there was the height of Napoleon wars. This idea was established so that a general fund can be established for securing provision to the widows and other females. Then in the year 1815, the idea came into existence and the first office of this brand was established and this idea and their services started spreading all over the United Kingdom. The idea of the Scottish widow started to spread all over the United Kingdom and it was actually implemented.

Role of Scottish Widow

The role of the Scottish widow is all the services that the Scottish Widow has been providing all over the United Kingdom. The services of the Scottish widow includes the life cover, illness protection, annuities, savings and investment provision. Scottish Widow Services are available for all the people of the United Kingdom and they can easily reach them through different means of the Lloyds Banking Group.

The advertisement of the Scottish Widow is quite famous in the entire Britain that features three windows which were played by the Deborah Moore, Amanda Lamb and the most recently Hayley Hunt. This reaches out to the people with the original message of Scottish Widow.

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