What IS A Good Website Design

There are a lot of ways to increase associated product or services revenue up to this date. Website design has proven itself to be effective to secure interesting products and services accessible through the internet. What is native advertising ? The good thing about the internet is anyone can start a career business out of it, making money online utilizing web page.

But, the other side to this is that anyone can try to start making money loosing it in the process. What to do to avoid the worse case scenario? That’s right, with limited training you to can get started but make many of the common mistakes I’ve seen on most of these websites which in turn can still be corrected on many colossal way.

Here are some of the tips I managed to create while learning these website design for product insertion and sales prospective:

Title Tag in line with the most searched keyword

Prospective client log in to their PC or Mac, start punching keywords to their keyboards, searching for the products and services that they need. So, look for these trending keywords and make use of them as your own and embed in your own website design in order for your Web Page to give the search engines enough with which to work in.

Would you step in to the door without any proper signage or direction to where it will take you? Then why should a potential buyer click on the link on a search engine not related to their needs?

Description tags Come Second

This is what the search engine like Google, Yahoo and the likes will use. Make it a point in your description not just to describe but to encourage the reader to buy or sign up to whatever that is you are selling or offering. If you are throwing a ball make sure it hits the mark, so put a description tag that sounds better and simpler and precise.

For Example there are two stores standing side by side offering the same bath products and services you’re looking for. Both stores have attractive names, how do you know which store you are going to choose without the description of specifying the things that you needed? Which store would you go into?

Now if it is a web page, which link would you hit enter? Is it the one with description or the one with just the title?

Font with Convincing Title

Font plays an important role in a website design. You can use at least two to three different font styles and only adjust the size to the words you put emphasis on that greatly transcend your business goal.

How will you let your prospective client stay in your web page for five seconds?

Make sure that the title you are using already attracts the obvious customer and play a little with the fonts either in style or in size.


Most common mistakes of web pages are the designs are lacking graphics. Graphics include the theme you use, the background design or wallpaper the color combination of fonts and background, the layout of images which clearly accentuate the products or services you offer.

Some of the web pages focus on content alone and leaving this important element behind.


It is imperative that you provide an option of either pictures or testimonials in your web design as part of your sample to what you are selling or offering. When you go to a book store and start searching for a nice book to buy and read, the first thing you will look is for the reviews of some highly commended persona conveying their opinion of the content of the books.

The same thing goes for your web page; you need these to add more substance to your website.

Customer Service and Post Visit Contact

Simply provide a link to a page in your website as to where and how your customer can contact you. Worry not about spammers; place you have filter applications in your webpage or simple do a one click block of the user manually. Worry more about having better communication with your guests or clients.

Ever notice how stores will do almost anything possible for you to remain in contact with them and get you to come back. They know you may not buy on your first visit but the tide may change as you will send your special offer and discount both snail mail and email to them.


Awareness leads to ease of mind which leads to self-assurance, in return will lead to increased traffic site and contented clients confident enough to visit or buy again from you and refer others to your website.

Important Aspects While Design Websites

A website design combines various elements to make the website successful. The websites serve the purpose of bridging the gap between a company and its target audience online. And online medium has become one of the most important ways to communicate a brand or a product to the audience with high dependency on the internet.

Thus it takes just more then one aspects of a website to work up on and develop an actually satisfactory website for the users as well as the owners.

Some of the aspects of website design are navigation, color scheme, design, graphics and the content. But all of these elements combine and crystallize the website?s design to two basic schemes: appearance and usability.

Designers can well relate to the fact that I am going to refer here now. A designer faces the challenge of striking the balance between appearance and usability of the website whenever he begins a new website design.

The appearance of the website is undoubtedly one of the prime factors of a website design. The word design itself entails the very purpose of a website design where the designers are required to create an attractive website. The visuals and aesthetics of a website must be striking enough to appeal to a visitor and explore the website further.

But what’s the use of a visually rich website that confuses the visitor and doesn’t serve the purpose of information sharing? The websites content should be accessible for the user by using well defined information architecture. If the visitor finds slightest of confusing in finding the content he wants, it won’t take him more than 5 seconds to close the website or open a new one.

With such a fierce competition on the web, the website design has become a specialization. Everyone who calls himself a designer is not necessarily a website designer because designing involves logical thinking to satisfy the audience in every possible manner.

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